• On the Edge of the World

    The impressive and impressively located residential designs out of International Design Group are like something out of a fairytail book - otherwordly and beautiful.

    As a child growing up in the Philippines, Jun A. Sillano, AIA often spent Catholic mass staring at the ceiling of the Spanish-influenced church where his family attended - his eyes followed the lines of the beams and the intersecting shapes the sections made.

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  • Learning Curves

    Three very different education projects presented the architects at Mitchell/Giurgola with three very different sets of design challenges and opportunities for their creativity to soar and innovation to prevail.

    When Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. selected Mitchell/Giurgola Architects to renovate and transform the nearly 100-year-old Beaux Arts style Stocking Hall into a state-of-the art research building for the Food Science Department...

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  • Work to Live, Live to Work

    CPG Architects out of Stamford, Conn. seeks to create the kind of work spaces where employees look forward to Mondays.

    Most Americans spend more time at work than they do at home – an average 40 percent of their waking hours are passed at the office, according to a study by the Center for Work Life Policy. So, why don’t we treat the workplace as as we do our homes with respect to design, function, and comfort? Gary Unger, founder and president of CPG Architects, has been working to change that...

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  • Design School

    Pfeiffer Partners is uniquely suited to academic projects like the recently completed ones in Seattle, Wash. and Los Angeles, Calif.

    After two decades practicing in New York City, architect Norman Pfeiffer found himself lured back to the West Coast by a couple of noteworthy projects: the landmark Los Angeles Central Public Library expansion and the design of the Robert O. Anderson wing at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

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  • A Narrative in Built Form

    Seeking to start a new conversation about art, life and architecture, ikon.5 architects makes a bold statement with every stroke of their pencils.

    After 18 years spent working together heading up the education practice at a large national firm, Charles Maira, Joseph Tattoni and Arvind Tikku began a discussion about the best way to do business; each of them wanted something new. The end result of that discussion was a new firm, started by the principals in 2003: ikon.5.

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